Telling stories in public relations: In celebration of the ‘half-baked’ idea

Update:  Registration details – All guests need to head to the Lord Swarj Paul Business School building which is opposite the Molineux stadium. There is parking at Molineux. When you come in to the Building, go to the fifth floor and then come out of the lifts, go through the double doors and the reception desk will be right there. 


Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished?

Yes, work never begun.’

Christina Rossetti

(late applications welcome)

One-day unconference, Tuesday 25th June, 2019

University of Wolverhampton Business School, in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University

In honour of the un-finished paper, this one-day un-conference brings together PR, social media and comms academics to explore undeveloped and unfinished ideas. It is an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on embryonic ideas and to rediscover the fun in research.

The day begins by exploring the promise and excitement of new research and privileging the research journey over the destination, with a keynote by musical theatre lecturer, Sarah Whitfield, from the University of Wolverhampton, entitled Scrappy paperwork and beautiful fragments: our incomplete archives:

As researchers and academics the need to finish and make complete outputs can be at best nerve wracking, and at the other completely paralysing: the ghosts of what we haven’t finished seem to haunt what we could yet start. But what if we change how we view the ideas we have for projects, the things we wanted to do but never could, and the things that didn’t work, we might be able to see them in a radically different way. What if we could value our own personal archive of incomplete ideas, of beautiful fragments, and use it to nurture what we do or make next? This is a story of how I found my way out of three years of writer’s block, by accepting half-finished ideas, bits and pieces of what Walter Benjamin so beautifully calls ‘scrappy paperwork’ as valuable on its own terms. By messing about with the unfinished and seeing where it gets us – creative possibilities for what we do next start to emerge.

Following a short break, delegates choose from a themed workshops in which to present their ‘half-baked’ idea/s. Themes under consideration are PR/Comms & Business, PR/Comms & Society,  PR/Comms & Politics and Digital Communications, but these will be decided closer to the date and will depend on research ideas of the academics and practitioners attending.

The day closes with a call to arms from animation expert, Emily Mantell, An idea is born followed by a drinks reception.

The conference will cost £25, to include lunch and drinks reception.

To register, please visit the Registration page

For more information please contact:

Sarah Williams,

Liz Bridgen,

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